Piano Lessons in Milford, Surrey


with Starr Meneely


Learning to Love Music



Piano lessons take place weekly at my home studio in Milford, Surrey. I have a really special upright Bechstein that was imported from Germany in 1902. The tone is magical with a beautiful singing quality. Students learn on this instrument and are able to produce wonderful sounds from the first lesson. I also have dozens of resources to support learning; Giant Floor Music Staves, Boomwhackers, Games and many, many props that make learning fun and engaging.

Students begin their learning with the Piano Safari method but I also use resources from the Russian School of Piano Pedagogy. Each child develops flexibility in the wrist with a keen sense of listening, and a love of playing. I also guide every child through all the important fundamentals of the musical language, so that they understand what they are playing and have the chance to use their creativity and imagination. Alongside all of this, everyone learns to write and compose so that music becomes a wonderful part of their lives, and something they can take with them always

Children have many musical opportunities throughout the year around Surrey:

  • Piano Recitals, Festivals, Piano Galas, Masterclasses

  • Ensemble Playing

  • Workshops: Musicianship, Singing, Music History, Theory

  • Holiday camps and workshops

  • Practice challenges and Games

  • Exams with the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music


As a parent of four I understand the challenges of helping our children create good practice habits, and as a musician I understand the need for intense focus and patience when learning advanced repertoire and skills. I work with students to learn how to practice.  We gently grow healthy practice habits together with fun projects, goals and opportunities for performance. I believe that learning to love music is the most important part of music lessons and as we grow to love it, our practice habits come along naturally. Practicing the piano becomes easy and something we don’t have to think about very much, which makes learning music one of the most wonderful parts of our lives.


I am widely networked around the local area, online and throughout the UK. I am always bringing fresh ideas into my studio and into my teaching. I offer my students a wide student and family piano community with lots of opportunities for collaborations, performances and support. On a smaller, more intimate level, I work hard to build community within my own studio. Students get to know each other personally and are able to develop and grow together. I try to nurture community as one of the most important parts of learning. This community in turn supports everyone, children, parents and teachers!



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