Studio Policy - 2019/2020

FEES 2019/2020

Private piano lessons are £33 / 45 minutes, £44 / 60 minutes. Lessons are organised into school terms which normally follow the state school terms dates. Students commit to lessons termly and are invoiced for the amount of weeks in a given school term. 


If a student needs to cancel their lesson for any reason, they can simply message to say they won't be able to attend that particular lesson. We are unable to offer refunds for cancelled lessons. If there happens to be a free space available during the term we will offer it for a make-up lesson but finding such a free space is not a guarantee. If we have to cancel a lesson for any reason we will always offer a make-up lesson or apply a credit to the next term's invoice.


There is a fee of £20 per term to cover books, music theory and history supplements, and practice resources. If at any time a student requires books beyond this fee I will always have a discussion with you to decide the best way for you to acquire the books. Usually the materials fee covers the books and materials we use each term so this is rarely a problem.


In some instances throughout the year there might be other additional fees. Such fees might include: exam registration, additional exam music books, music festival registration. masterclass/workshop signup fees. I will always have a discussion with you about these fees to decide together if you would like to take part in such activities.


I will always try to give you a full lesson (45 or 60 minutes). If you arrive late to your lesson, however, we might not be able to go over time and give you a full lesson. we will try to be flexible with this but please try to arrive promptly for the start of your lesson.


We hold a passionate belief that a love for music should be at the heart of any practice routine. We also understand that building healthy practice habits takes patience and time. We create a lot of activities, projects and challenges to help students develop these skills. Parents agree to communicate and work with me and their children to build good practice routines and help students meet goals and challenges. Without parental commitment in this area, student progress will be slow and frustrating. In certain circumstances We might suggest that a student discontinue their piano lessons if there is consistently little or no progress building practice routines.


Sitting piano and theory exams are not necessary to progress in my studio. However, if a student ever wants to sit an exam for ABRSM, Trinity or RCM boards. We are happy to prepare them. We will, in fact, probably suggest exams at certain stages throughout their studies especially grades 3, 5 and 6 as these will help prepare them for any advanced studies and opportunities they may come across.

Exam Requirements:

  • Students are required to have spent at least 1-2 years in weekly lessons before considering sitting any exam.

  • Students are required to be in a comfortable routine of daily practice.


We consider it a privilege to work with each student. We strive to provide excellent music instruction patiently and kindly. We will always communicate with you and be available to discuss any questions or concerns. We will work together with you to create the best learning experience possible.