Required - Mobile Piano Teacher


What is Surrey Piano?

Surrey Piano is a vibrant and passionate music school serving students of all ages throughout the Surrey area. We focus on excellence in music alongside developing a lifelong love for music as an artform and language. Every student that joins us becomes part of a broad family of students, families and teachers, and immediately feels part of our special community through activities designed to enrich piano lessons including:

  • Regular Recital and Performance Opportunities

  • Workshops, Masterclasses, Camps

  • Practice initiatives and Challenges

Our philosophy draws from the Russian School of Music, Kodaly and Orff. Beginning students use piano methods that include; Piano Safari, Tales of a Musical Journey and Hello Piano, and are carefully tutored in correct technique, sound production, harmony and musicianship to a high standard. We work together to develop healthy practice habits and routines with each student and their families, as we see this as one of the highest priorities when learning an instrument. As teachers we strive to continually develop our profession and artform through networking, education and performance.

Piano Teacher Requirements

Music education to degree or diploma level

Performance /accompaniment experience

Driving licence and own transportation (as this is initially a peripatetic position)

DBS Clearance

Liability Insurance

Piano Teacher Remittance


Membership to Vibrant Music Teaching and Curious Piano Teachers

Professional Development Opportunities


Please send your interest and CV to