My Music Diary


Practice Tracker

Lesson Assignments

Music Workbook


"My Music Diary" is a simple and efficient companion for every teacher and student to use in lessons and for home practice.

What you will find inside:

•45 Full Page Lesson Summary pages, with space to write down assignments, teacher notes, and boxes for students to track their practice.

•Multiple sized manuscript paper

•Blank Circle of Fifths and pages to take notes on scales and key signatures

•6 blank pages to use for Music History Studies

•Space to record musical goals, memorised pieces, performances and compositions

•Blank pages for notes


Lesson Assignment Pages

There are 45 lesson assignment pages which should easily correspond to the weeks in an academic year. Each page provides space for assignments and explanations. There is space for teachers to write their own notes and there are 7 boxes representing the days of the week for students to track practice. The boxes are blank except for the first one which is labelled “Lesson Day”. This allows students to track each day of the week beginning on their lesson day regardless of which day of the week their lesson falls.


Music History Pages

These pages are blank which allows students and teachers to personalise music history studies. It works well for students of all levels and ages, and can be modified for any specific historical research or broad overviews of music history. For example: List repertoire in appropriate periods, glue pictures of composers and instruments, create historical timelines.


Circle of Fifths

Page 10 is a blank Circle of Fifths that can be filled in as students study scales. It works well for any level of scalic and harmony work; major, minor, and pentatonic scales, chord progressions, key signatures, advanced harmony and composition etc.


Circle of Fifths Study Pages

There are two pages designed especially for students who are studying the Circle of Fifths. These pages are useful for recording fingerings, solfa, spellings, inversions etc. and During lessons teachers and students can set assignments for scales together and students refer back to these pages in every home practice session


Manuscript Pages

There are exactly 8 pages of manuscript paper. Pages 13 - 17 give exactly enough staves to create 15 grand staves to correspond to 15 key signatures (including enharmonic keys). There are 4 additional pages of larger print manuscript paper for younger students who need practice with landmark notes or music symbols.


Setting Goals

Creating goals is such an important and powerful step to take with each student at the beginning of every year. What is their goal in music? Maybe they would like to perform in a recital or compete in a festival. Maybe they want to memorise a certain number of pieces or build up a good practice routine. Setting goals and checking in with the goal throughout the year helps motivate and encourage students, parents and teachers!