Spring Term 2019

*this term is 12 weeks

30 min weekly lessons £260 (£20, 30 minutes x 12 weeks)

60 min weekly lessons £520 (£40, 60 minutes x 12 weeks)

Materials fee per term £20 (The materials fee covers your basic music books and theory supplements)



What to Expect at Piano Lessons? 

The student arrives at their lesson and is welcomed into the studio. Parents are always welcome to wait in the lesson to watch and listen.  

The environment is very casual and friendly. We'll chat for a few minutes while we set out books and activities. It's a good time to chase away any nervousness or tension that the student might have come with and helps them feel relaxed and ready to learn. 

Lessons usually begin with a series of opening exercises or games. These exercises repeat and build on work from the previous lesson, so the student will be familiar with them. The idea is to warm the muscles of the arms and hands whilst drilling fundamentals while their minds are fresh. Scales often fall into this category, but depending on the level of the student these opening exercises are often practices in note/sight reading, improv, or other technical work.

We then move on to reptoire work and most of the lesson is spent exploring specific pieces, practicing challenging passages and learning how each piece might be telling a story or demonstrating certain compositional styles. We will use this time to work on memorisation and any technical requirements.

The final part of the lesson is spent working on broader musical skills: Aural training, Theory, Music History etc. I have a wide range of activities and games to support this learning and it's a really fun and refreshing way to finish off a lesson.

Before the student leaves the lesson we review the new practice schedule and assignment. We make some goals together for the coming week. Students leave their lesson feeling confident and motivated to practice in the coming week.