Piano Lessons in Milford, Surrey


with Starr Meneely

Classical Pianist, Pedagogue and Author




Lessons for all ages and levels.  




Piano lessons are designed to support students exactly where they are. Lessons take place weekly at my home studio in Milford. During school holidays there are often opportunities for group lessons, workshops and fun musical projects.

I love working with young beginners, advanced students at any age, and adults who might feel nervous but have a yearning to play for pleasure. We focus on note reading, theory, all aspects of musicality, and carefully learn technique. 

I am familiar with most piano methodologies and pedagogical repertoire, so am able to create a programme for each student based on exactly what they need at any stage in their development. 


As a parent of four I understand the challenges of helping our children create good practice habits, and as a musician I understand the need for intense focus and patience when learning advanced repertoire and skills. I work with students to learn how to practice.  We gently grow healthy practice habits together with fun projects, goals and opportunities for performance.

Above all, I believe that learning to love music is the most important part of music lessons and as we grow to love it, our practice habits come along naturally. 



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